Cryptoassets ring alarm in the UK

Binance must stop all “regulated activity” in the UK

Consumer Warning: FCA Bans Binance

Traditional institutions and conservative thinkers are wary of the elephant in the room that is crypto currency and crypto assets in general. To some within these circles and those who adopt this mindset, crypto assets, crypto commodities and crypto financial activity represents a deep rabbit-hole of danger. …

Product Management in 2021

A List of frameworks, people and more

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Products need designing, building and managing. The best products add value and leave users delighted. Some products are strictly functional and don’t require “delighted” users but must operate in an efficient and utility driven manner. …

As a Business Analyst (BA) deciding when you’ve gathered enough requirements for a solution is essential. Gathering all relevant stakeholders, presenting your documentation for review & sign-off and ensuring what you present is in alignment with the original problem ensures you know exactly when you can submit your requirements for…

Analyze the Analyst

More and More BAs are ditching traditional BA skills in favor of data and analytical skills instead

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Business Analysis is a popular, global profession and subject area. A Business Analyst is a conduit resource that operates between business and technology respectively. …

The Virtue of Discipline

Trim the fat and start to make a tangible difference.

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Discipline is self love, self improvement and self care rolled into one… Say what?! Yes. Having self-control and discipline over yourself is a superpower and it’s not easy, but is certainly worth the effort; nothing worth having is easy to obtain…

When we think of the word discipline, images of…

Product Launch Checklist

Regardless of business model, whether it’s B2C or B2B, a product launch is a very special time in the life of any product focused professional. From Product Managers, to Designers, to Stakeholders and so on, this feeling is industry and job title agnostic. The sense of anticipation, intrigue and the…

Business Process Modelling

Add more value by expanding your process mapping techniques

process mapping
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An essential component of any product/design build is a transparent understanding of business and customer requirements. …

Business Process Modelling

A coherent understanding of business processes will enhance the delivery and outcome of your designs

Business process modelling
Modellng processes will transform your understanding of what is required and help you stay focused

Performing user research is crucial to successful design and modelling business processes at the start of your design journey may add new tools to your analytical arsenal as a Designer. …

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